Say Goodbye To Metallic Smiles!

Having crooked and misaligned teeth are a real struggle, especially when you are an adult. In fact, the fastest growing area of the Orthodontist’s practice is in the adult market. Lingual [...]

Anterior Open-bites

Anterior Open Bite, How do you detect it ? Side effects? Treatment In continuation of my posts, am touching on a topic which is very close to me and have seen many children and adults affected by [...]

Improper Overbite and its correction

The next case in my series is based on the increasing demand from patient regarding queries on Improper overjet and overbite. Overjet: Horizontal overlap of the upper teeth to the lower teeth [...]

How to Clean Your Teeth with Braces

Braces straighten teeth really well, but good oral hygiene needs to be maintained at all times when on them. Food particles get stuck in the wires due to inadequate brushing of the teeth because [...]