Child Dental Benefit Scheme

Align Dentistry Casula offers the latest technologies, in General and Cosmetic Dentist at the best prices and all procedures are administered by caring “Dentist”. For the convenience of our patients, we accept insurance and offer payment plans. We service customers coming to us from Casula.

We are a Dental practice that specialises in adult, child and teen ‘General Dentist’, ‘Orthodontics’ and Dental Surgery. We know that the care you receive today depends on the oral health of your natural teeth and gums to last a lifetime and we are committed in providing our patients with excellence in Restorative and Cosmetic Dentist treatments and surgeries.

Orthodontics: Offers Non-extraction Orthodontic Treatment in children and adults at affordable prices. All patients for Orthodontics (Braces) are on a 18 -24 months payment plan.

General Dentist

Our General Dentist procedures include Oral Examinations, X-rays, Extractions, Dentures, CEREC, White Fillings, Root Canal Therapy and Wisdom Tooth Removal.

Dental Implants

A Dental Implant is a solution for missing teeth. The implant is a titanium “root” that can be inserted into the jawbone and one that offers a natural-looking tooth. Dental Implants have been used for over thirty years and have a high success rate, offering patients the natural look of a real tooth or teeth and the support to speak and eat with ease. Align Dentist offers Dental Implants that are pain-free and affordable.


Crooked, misaligned and gappy teeth all bring the smile down. Align Dentistry offers Orthodontics that include the move from metal braces. Our gentle Orthodontic Dentist in Casula, assess the type of problem and will offer the best Orthodontic options that include procedures like Invisalign, Damon & Lingual braces, as well as conventional braces.


A Root Canal can scare a patient away from the Dentist. A Root Canal is a procedure that is more painful than a filling placed and, therefore, needs to be performed by a gentle Dentist with the experience in Root Canal surgeries. With a Root Canal, the pulp or pulp chamber is removed to remove the bacteria and decay and a porcelain crown will be placed over the damaged tooth. Align Dentistry are expert Root Canal surgeons that offer pain-free Root Canals.

Cosmetic Dentist

Align Dentistry is a top Cosmetic Dentist in Casula that offers a range of cosmetic Dentist services. We are Dentist that understand that your smile is a major feature, and we commit to bringing our patients the best and brightest smiles. We offer Teeth Whitening, Bridges, Crowns, Porcelain Veneers, and have the experience in tooth extractions that offer gentle tooth removals that heal quickly.

Children’s Dentist Casula

Children’s Dentist needs to be gentle and administered by Dentist that are friendly and caring. Our children’s Dentist have a great deal of experience providing children with gentle Dentist that should begin when they first get their teeth in. Your child’s smile is something you want to last a lifetime, and we assure parents that we properly assess and treat children’s with preventative care and restoration Dentist. At Align Dentistry in Casula, your children are in exceptional Dental care.

Preventative Dentist

Preventative Dentist can save the natural teeth and health of the gum tissues. With oral hygiene neglect, teeth will decay, gums will bleed and sensitivity to hot and cold will become an issue. We offer preventative Dentist, as well as gum therapy that repairs already damaged and infected gum tissues.

For more information on Align Dentist, please contact our Dental assistant at the number below. We are available to assist you with any questions, as well as to schedule appointments. Align Dentist Casula is your gentle Dentist that ensures a healthy and bright smile.

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