Child Dental Benefit Scheme

1)Inman Aligner
Hi, I used to wear Braces and after my retainer broke, one of my front teeth became crooked. I understand that I need to have a consultation before being advised if the Inman Aligner is suitable for me, but how much will the treatment approximately cost? Thank you for your time.

Sutherland 2232

2)Laser Gum lift
I was wondering whether I could get an approximate price on the Laser Gum Lift procedure. Fairfield 2165

3)I’d just like to know what the cost is for a consultation (Inman aligner)? Will this also include an x-ray? (if not, what is the cost of an x-ray). Sydney, NSW 2000

4)Can I please book an appointment to get my Wisdom Tooth Out. Bringelly, NSW

5)Tongue Tie for my 1-year-old daughter.
What is the charge???
I already have the referral letter from GP. Camden 2570

6)Tongue Tie surgery
hi, just wondering about the cost of adult Tongue Tie surgery and the earliest i can be booked in. Casula 2170

7)Hi there, i just had a filling put on a tooth I was going to get extracted. It is giving me pain, unsure whether it is that one or the tooth next to it. I really may need a Root Canal done and wanted to know what is the earliest you could fit me in. Campbelltown 2560

8)how much is the cost of root canal procedure. Liverpool 2170

9)Would like a check-up and consultation. Chipping Norton 2170

10)What times are available to book this week? Moorebank 2170

11)Please, can you let me know how you expand an adults arch? I have Crowed teeth as in the link below and the result is exactly what I want. I am 31 and so depressed. I hope you can help. Voyager Point 2172

12)I am visiting from the UK and have chipped a back tooth.  I have holiday medical insurance with me so if possible could I have a repair?  Many thanks. I am available to  3 pm  tomorrow and all day Friday and Saturday.  Thank you.  I am a 57-year-old female with good dental health. Picnic Point 2213

13)Is it possible for the first instalment payment for braces to be paid for over the phone with a visa debit card? As well can the one parent pay only half and the other pay the other half if they are divorced and are splitting the payment? Sandy Point 2172

14)would like to get a free second opinion for my son who is 12 and needs braces. HOLSWORTHY 2173

15)I just wanted to see when your next available appointment on a Saturday would be please. Also what are you appointment fees? Wattle Grove 2173

16)It seems there is something really wrong, like the infection is back & worse than before.  I have been in pain since Friday, the jaw below the tooth is extremely painful to touch, I can’t bite down as it hurts too much, and my cheek is swollen & was really hot to the touch last night.  I’ve been taking aspirin and paracetamol for the pain, but it’s not providing any relief.  Would appreciate some advice. Bankstown 2200

17)I was wanting to book an appointment in relation to braces next Monday at 5:30pm if anyone is available at the Camden 2570 Office.

18)just wondering how the process of getting lingual braces works, how long it can take before i actually get the,. payment plans and do i need a referral? Bankstown 2200

19)Hi i am wondering if you do payment plans? Bringelly 2556

20)I would like to discuss making appointments for my 3 children. Sutherland 2232

21)Do you happen to have a lost denim Jancket there left with Dr Vani a while back now? Voyager Point 2172

22)Dental appointment for this Saturday 4th feb. Chipping Norton 2170

23)Just wondering if your a Medibank provider as I’m looking at booking the family for their dental checkups and I need a filling. Green Valley 2168

24)I have a six year old who has inherited both parents bad teeth and has a hole in one of her upper molars. This very recently has caused an absess and we have been told it needs to be removed. My daughter will not go back to the previous dentist as she doesnt feel comfortable. Picnic Point 2213