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Narrow arch Results in Crowding and a Narrow Smile

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In the next of series of my Blog post, I would be discussing the reason for crowding of teeth and its correction through Braces. The need to extract teeth and when you could avoid extractions.

The reason for crowding of teeth is an arch length (the space available for teeth) tooth material  discrepancy, which basically means the total tooth material of all the teeth when added up is more than the space available for it. This is because our jaw sizes are becoming smaller as we evolve(probably because of softer diets) whereas the teeth size remains the same and when the teeth erupt, due to less space they crowd up one on top of the other and gives us the impression that there are more teeth (which is not true). When the crowding is mild to moderate which most patients have and the profile of the patient is straight, most crowding cases can be treated, Non-extraction. Only a few patients with severe crowding would need any extractions. In my practice most cases are treated non extraction as the profile allows us to perform this modality of treatment.

Below is case of moderate crowding  treated non-extraction, but space achieved to relieve the crowding was through expansion. The Braces used was the Damon Braces. The treatment took 12 months to complete :

img_0914 Narrow arch Results in Crowding and a Narrow Smile

Before Braces, narrow arch and crowding


img_0406 Narrow arch Results in Crowding and a Narrow Smile

After braces, wider arch , ideal overjet and overbite, no crowding

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