Root Canal Cost

How Much does a Root Canal Cost?

single visit root canal

Truthfully, a root canal treatment would let you shell a bit more of your money. The reason behind this is that endodontics is a highly specialised field. Endodontists go through several years of training to perfect their skills since root canal treatment is a very delicate and lengthy procedure. Add that to the cost of specialised equipment and facilities needed, it being pricey is a bit understandable. And while regular dentists can also perform this, root canal therapies are still harrowing and time-consuming.

If you are preparing to undergo a root canal treatment, the approximate amount of money you should get ready would be around $700 for a treatment of your front tooth (with a single canal). If you want them to treat a molar tooth (with three canals), you should prepare around $1300 for a Root Canal Treatment cost

It is better that your own dentist can perform the operation so that you will already be comfortable and you are already familiar of how he/she works. If he is not capable, you can also ask for referrals from her/him to ensure that person’s credibility.

Usually Root Canal Treatment require 3 or 4 visits, however Align Dentistry specialises in Single sitting Root Canal Treatments.

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