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About Us

Who We Are

A Dental and Medical Surgery in Southwest Sydney with a difference. Let our team of dedicated and highly qualified professionals attend to all your health needs and provide you with a range of solutions to suit your individual requirements.

We are focused on providing exceptional treatment to Kids, Teenagers and Adults.
We want to help you smile again and give you life-long confidence and health in a fun and caring environment.



dr-anand-srinivasa About Us

Dr Anand Srinivasa is a dentist, practicing orthodontics for the past 18 years.

He believes in early diagnosis and treatment of a malocclusion/malrelation of teeth and jaws that may affect normal function. His treatment aims to not only straighten teeth but to create a perfect fit of the straightened teeth to the individuals face thereby establishing optimal facial harmony.

According to him a developing malrelation of teeth when detected early could be intercepted and appropriately treated; hence the individual would not have to live with a dental malrelation that could significantly affect their psychological wellbeing.

He also treats adults with Braces. He works with some of the best forms of Clear Braces available in the market allowing the patient to go through a period of alignment without having to have the “Metallic look”.


Meet Our Team

Pavan Bellubbi
General Dentist

aligndentistry-pavan About Us

Pavan is a highly skilled dentist with extensive experience in restorative dentistry and CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), dentistry. He has had a variety of dental experience. He has previous experience in India following which he has worked in private practices in country New South Wales and South Australia for a number of years. Pavan is committed to continuing education and is a keen learner. He has completed prosthodontic and restorative residencies from Sydney University and Australian Dental Association.

Having been mentored and trained by experienced and specialist dentists in the last few years has improved his knowledge and understanding. Pavan believes in a holistic approach towards dental treatment and therefore pays emphasis to the cause of the dental disease prior to formulating its treatment. He has a special interest in Root canal treatment, Restorations, Esthetic Dentistry, and Dental Implant Restoration.

Highly experienced in the latest dental technologies, Pavan believes in discussing the pros and cons of all treatment options with patients, helping them to find dental solutions that best meet their needs and preferences.

Pavan is an avid reader, passionate about cricket. Enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 kids.

Janine EastSenior Oral Therapist

janine-east About Us

Janine East is an Oral Health Therapist who works with children – up to the age of 18 – under the supervision of a dentist. She has extended the scope of practice (clinician for adults and children).

Graduating from The College of Dental Therapy at Westmead in 2001 she has worked in the field all over South West Sydney over the past 13 years. She has a passion for Dentistry and just loves kids. She also provides Dental health education to numerous preschools, child care centers and schools around Sydney. She specialises in Pain Management of Medicine and has successfully completed her training in Myobrace.

Janine has also studied health promotion, teacher’s aide (working with children requiring special needs) and health and wellbeing. Janine is a sincere, compassionate and understanding person.

Eileen NerySenior Oral Therapist

Elieen About Us

Eileen Nery is a diligent hardworking Dental Therapist who strives for excellence in all she does. She works with children and is under the supervision of a dentist. She works on children up to the age of 18. She is a confident Clinician who is committed and focuses on providing a high standard of evidence-based clinical practices.

She is a happy and friendly person who has always maintained a good rapport with her patients and their parents. Her strong advocacy in a continuous oral health campaign programs promoting lifelong oral health awareness and preventive Dental care for all children is clearly evident in her 26 years of practicing Dental Therapy in both public and the private sector.

Eileen graduated from Westmead College of Dental Therapy acquiring Proficiency in Theory and Preventive Techniques in Dental Care of Children. She holds a Bachelor of Science Diploma in Oral Health Therapy and was a Clinical Educator for Bachelor of Oral Health, University of Sydney.

Our Dental Practice

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