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Is It Easier to remove Wisdom Teeth That are Erupted?

Posted on 22th, Aug 19

You want to keep your teeth as happy and healthy as possible for a lifetime but sometimes teeth need
to be removed by a Dental Surgeon. Luckily, there are reliable Dental Surgeons out there like those of
Align Dentistry Moorebank – the leading Dental Practice Moorebank service. The most common case
of needing to remove your teeth is because of Wisdom Teeth. Sometimes wisdom teeth erupt (appear
through the gums) in a healthy and non-invasive way, but often wisdom teeth can cause a range of oral
issues. However, a question that Moorebank Dentists are often asked is: Is it Easier to Remove Wisdom
Teeth that are Erupted? Keep reading to find out.

Wisdom Teeth Removals
Generally, Erupted Wisdom Teeth Can Be Extracted More Easily

The short is yes. If a wisdom tooth has erupted, a Dental Expert can more easily get to it. Before a tooth
is removed, you will have an X-Ray to thoroughly review its shape, depth, length and position as well as
the surrounding teeth. When a tooth is visible above the gum line, a Dentist will extract it via forceps
(this is called Simple Extraction). However, if the tooth hasn’t erupted or has only partially erupted,
Surgical Extraction will be needed. This is a little more complex and requires the Dentist to remove
surrounding gum tissue or bone and requires stitches.

Reasons Why You Would Need Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted
(Erupted or Otherwise)

Getting your wisdom teeth removed is so common that it is almost a rite of passage. Wisdom teeth can
cause a range of issues including inflammation as well as acting as a hotbed for bacteria. This often
occurs due to the tooth opening up a flap of gum tissue which then collects food particles and debris.
Another common reason a wisdom tooth will need to be extracted, even if it hasn’t erupted, is because
it grows at the wrong angle (impacted) or overcrowds other teeth. This can cause damage and
potentially a lot of pain. Your dentist will tell you to clean the area thoroughly as well as floss daily to
reduce inflammation and prevent infection. You will also likely be given antibiotics.

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