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Child Dental Benefit Scheme We value the opportunity to treat children

Oral Health is a part of the overall health and well-being of children, which affects not only their physical development but also their confidence and emotional health.

Here at Align Dentistry & Medical Centre, our main vision is to provide your children with Dental health care of the highest quality. We do all kind of General Dentist Treatment in our Dentist Sydney.

Many studies on oral and Dental health have revealed a strong correlation between the health of children’s teeth and their overall health and development. Unmonitored teething and untreated tooth decay can end up wreaking havoc on the child’s body, slowly presenting themselves and worsening as time passes by. Even the slightest tooth decay must be monitored so that no further pain and infection can affect the child badly.

As early as when they reach 2 years old, it is important that children be brought for regular visits to their oral health care practitioners. By starting to monitor their oral health at this age, tracking their development will be much easier, as well as the detection and prevention of some painful and uncomfortable Dental issues which may present harder to deal with in the future.

Dentist check-ups for Kids

Taking your children to their Dentist at regular intervals for check-ups is one significant step towards your children’s overall well-being. From the first signs of teeth peeking from your children’s gums to more serious issues like severe decay and crooked teeth, your Dentist can provide you with the right information and treatment. More importantly, your children, because of their regular check-ups will overcome the phobia of the Dentist much quicker than if they present at a later stage.

Your children not only deserve good but the best oral and Dental health care, and Align Dentistry & Medical Centre houses the best of these services in Sydney.

Made up of trained oral health therapists (Janine East & Eileen Nery) who would put your child at ease during the Dental treatment. Together with the most advanced technology and breakthrough treatment knowledge, plus their genuine care and concern, Align Dentistry & Medical Centre is truly your partner in taking care of your children’s health and well-being.

Medicare’s Child Dental Benefit scheme

It is a government initiative providing $ 1000 of free dental benefits for eligible children between the ages of 2-17 years.

The procedures that could be carried out are

  • Cleaning
  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • X-rays
  • Fluoride application

All the procedures would be carried out by two of the top oral therapist in south-west Sydney Janine East and Eileen Nery.

For more info contact(02) 9723 5757

Please keep your medicare card handy and we can tell you if you are eligible.