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Comprehensive Oral Exam & Treatment Plan

Undergoing comprehensive Oral examination is one of most important part of maintaining good Oral hygiene. Patients who have regular dental check-ups rarely experience dental emergencies and expensive or invasive treatments.

Oral cancer has become very prevalent in recent years due to the dietary habits and lifestyle. Like other forms of Cancer Oral cancer can be without any signs or symptoms and it can affect individuals with any age group or racial background. Oral cancer screening is the one of the major part of examination. Unfortunately, most of the Oral cancers are detected in advanced stages due lack of regular dental check up.Early detection and diagnosis is the key to management of oral cancer. This also reduces morbidity rate and treatment outcome becomes predictable.

Our dentist will have close look at the soft and hard structures in and around the face. This way any pathology or lesions can be identified in early onset which makes the treatment simplex, cheaper and less invasive. Various incipient lesions, pathology are detected only with a good clinical examination. Patient jaws are examined for any clicking, pain, deviation or other signs which can be corrected in future.

Examination also involves checking for dry mouth, consistency and quality of saliva. Everyone’s saliva is different. Saliva is a major indicator of person’s oral hygiene, diet and medication. Person with dry mouth tend to suffer from difficulty in chewing, delayed healing, sensitive teeth, high caries rate, difficulty in wearing dentures and many more. Our dentist will examine your saliva, help you in managing with dry mouth effectively. Dentist can also help with treatment of dry mouth and reduction in sensitive teeth which significantly increases quality of life.

X-rays are invaluable in helping our dental team diagnose oral conditions and to get a clear picture of the structure of your mouth. We use the latest digital high-speed radiograph films which reduces the radiation dose effectively and increase image quality. They can show up areas of decay which a visual examination wouldn’t reveal, as well as identify any bone loss, cracks, infection or abnormalities such as cysts, cancer and more. Radiographs are never taken when they are not indicated. Radiation from intraoral and extraoral radiograph are very minimal and research has shown that it has no long-term effect.

Our cone beam CT machine(CBCT), which takes a 3 dimensional view of the jaw is invaluable in diagnosing impacted teeth, examining pathologic lesions, missed canals in root canal system and implant planning. The radiation dose of our CBCT machine is significantly lower than traditional CT machines.

For children, radiographs are also used to watch for decay and to monitor tooth growth and development. They can also help with examination of overall growth of facial bone and correct development defects in the early stage.

Many other instigations can be undertaken depending on patients’ problems and concerns. Replacement of missing teeth warrants examination of gums and existing bone. This helps in fabrication of good partial or full denture. Implant supported replacement of missing teeth need good examination of missing space, size and span of missing area.

Initial examination is usually undertaken during the first visit. Patient is explained all the findings. Treatment options discussed along with all the pros and cons, time required for the procedure, estimated fees. A thorough examination and investigation helps the patient in making informed decision. Our dentist will listen to all the questions you have and give a simplistic answer. Patient has the right to refuse any kind of treatment or question any procedure if they feel so any time. Informed content is the basis of all treatment undertaken at Align Dentistry and Medical centre.

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