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Dental Services Quality Dental Services, Experienced Dentistry

Align Dentistry & Medical Centre offer quality Dental care. All our clinicians have more than 15 years of experience in the field of Dentistry. Our aim is to help patients overcome the fear of the Dentists and to develop a personal relationship with their Dentist. We have a total of 5 clinicians working with us. Two experienced Oral therapists who treat only children between the age group of 2 -18 years.

Some of the procedures which we have gained a lot of recognition over time include:

First Visit:

1. Fill up a Medical History Form.

2. A complete dental history is taken related to your problem

3. If it is an acute problem of severe toothache or broken filling or loose crown etc the problem is immediately dealt with.

4. A comprehensive treatment plan after a thorough mouth examination is then drawn up and provided to you with all options.

Please call (02) 9723 5757 to speak to
one of our friendly staff or to book an appointment.