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Dentures are one of the options of missing teeth. They can be used to replace few missing teeth or all the upper lower teeth which then become complete dentures. Dentures are usually called partial or complete depending on the teeth present. It is best to talk to the dentist before panning for certain type of denture as individual clinical situation varies.

There are different materials used to fabrication of dentures. Partial dentures are usually fabricated with metal body, resin to replace gums and plastic to replace teeth. These types of dentures are usually made of cast cobalt chrome. Cast Cobalt chrome body is thinner, stronger and long lasting compared to all resin denture. They are more comfortable, easier to clean and does not stain easily. These partial dentures take 3-5 visits depending on the clinical situation. We recommend a complete clinical examination of the teeth present, gums, bony architecture before planning for partial denture.

Upper and lower teeth need different kind of design and planning as the presence of tongue, musculature make it more difficult to fabricate lower partial denture. Dentures with cast partial framework take support from the gums and existing teeth, So it becomes imperative that teeth which are weak, not clinically healthy to be taken out before commencement of treatment. This might also involve cleaning of teeth to remove plaque, fillings to restore caries teeth and extraction of unstable teeth.

Other material which can used to fabricate the partial denture is resin denture which is cheaper and easier to fabricate compared to metal denture. However, they are shown to irritate gums more, cause frequent ulceration, staining, more breakages leading to more maintenance. They also need frequent replacement. They take most of there support from existing teeth.

Complete dentures are fabricated to replace all the missing teeth in mouth. They cane be only upper teeth or lower teeth. They require atleast three visits to fabricate depending on the type of existing bony ridge. These denture take the help of gums to stay stable which are depending on the existing bone under the gums.Complete dentures are fabricated with Resin replacing the gums and teeth made of plastic.

We can also fabricate implant retained dentures and bridges. This prosthesis has significantly higher retention and can therefore restore your chewing function to a much greater extent as opposed to conventional dentures. Australian Dental Association recommends at least two implants in lower arch to replace all the teeth. Implant supported overdenture have much more chewing ability leading to greater satisfaction. They can be maintained easily.

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