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Dr Pavan Bellubbi General Dentist


Extensive Experience In Restorative And CAD CAM Dentistry

aligndentistry-pavan- Dr Pavan Bellubbi

With proven expertise in Restorative Dentistry and CAD CAM Dentistry, Pavan is an experienced Dentist with many years in the field. His work experience spans from working in India and Australia to working in private practices in country NSW and South Australia over the years.

He has successfully completed prosthodontic and restorative residencies from Sydney University & the Australian Dental Association. A firm believer in continuous learning and development, he is committed to constantly updating himself in the dental field. To that end, he has trained under experienced and specialist dentists in the last couple of years, gaining valuable knowledge and insights from them.

What sets Pavan apart as a dentist is his willingness to constantly go above and beyond when it comes to his patients. When treating dental disease, he looks beyond treatment to the cause – to what led to the development of the disease in the first place.

Pavan’s areas of interest are Restorations, Root Canal Treatments, Dental Implant Restoration & Esthetic Dentistry. He’s skilled and experienced in all the latest dental technologies, providing his patients with the best treatments available. He is patient-oriented and believes in discussing all the treatment options with patients, educating them on the pros and cons of each one and helping them make an informed decision.

On the personal front, Pavan is a family man who loves spending time with his wife and 2 kids. On his leisure time, he likes to read and watch cricket – his sport of choice.