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Meet Our General Practitioner

‘Dr Vani Anand’ is a skilled General Practitioners at Align Medical Center Chipping Norton Sydney. She has gained expertise as a doctor with over twelve years of experience in the medical field. She is not only a skilled ‘General Practitioner’ but also highly acclaimed being a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and holding a Specialist General Practitioner registration from AHPRA.

Dr Vani Anand’s Approach

Dr Vani has a compassionate and professional approach towards all her patients, regardless of their age or gender. She believes that the right balance of professionalism and bonding with patients creates the ideal doctor-patient relationship. As a GENERAL PRACTITIONER, she believes it imperative to create a friendly environment for her patients so that they may be able to openly discuss their medical issues with her.

Over the years, Dr Vani’s excellent communication skills and empathetic attitude have helped her gain the trust and respect of hundreds of her patients. Her friendly demeanour yet authoritative and advising disposition as a doctor has helped make many her loyal patients for years at a stretch.

Dr Vani is a strong believer of getting health checkups done on a regular basis and urges all her patients to do so. She is of the opinion that waiting too long to consult a doctor can potentially be very dangerous as certain major diseases manifest themselves without any visible signs for long periods of time. She believes that an early diagnosis is always preferable to avoid any major problems in the future.

Specialities From Our General Practitioners

As a General Practitioner, Dr Vani is skilled in diagnosing and treating all conditions commonly seen in general practice starting from the minor flu or fever to blood pressure and low / high blood sugar. She is also trained and experienced at performing minor skin cancer surgery, insertion of Implanon and cortisone injections of the joint, to name a few.

When patients come to her for help with medical issues, she first asks them to explain any symptoms they are experiencing followed by their medical history. After looking at the symptoms she makes a clear diagnosis and provides treatment accordingly. If at any point she suspects that there is a major illness, Dr Vani immediately advises her patients to go visit the particular specialist and provides them with names of any good specialists she may know of.

Dr Vani is married to an important member of our team, Dr Anand Srinivasa, who heads the Dentist team at “Align Dentistry” and is also a practising Orthodontics in Sydney. They have two lovely children together and when not working, Dr Vani loves to spend time with her children; remaining involved in their curricular and extracurricular activities. She is also a keen cook and a lover of music.

Dr Vani is known across the region for offering the best diagnosis and treatment that has helped cure many patients from general illnesses. If you ever need a consult for an annoying cold you have or an infection that won’t go away, book an appointment with Dr Vani Anand today. Call us at 02 9086 9219.

dr_vanisri_acharya- General Practitioner

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