Child Dental Benefit Scheme

Orthodontic information

Treatment Options

Dr Anand would help you chose the type of Braces which would help you achieve the best result

Hygiene with Braces


They are Braces placed on the outside of the teeth

damon-metal Orthodontic information

Damon Metal

Metal Braces placed on the outside of the teeth.

More popular among kids as you could change colour at every visit

Damon Clear

The Clear option for people who don’t want the “metallic look”.

Usually popular among adults


They are Braces placed behind or on the inside of the upper and lower teeth and cannot be seen when one smiles

incognito Orthodontic information

E Braces

Custom made to fit every patients teeth

stb-lingual-braces Orthodontic information

STB lingual braces

STB Lingual Braces


A set of clear aligners which incrementally move teeth into the final position.

Foods you can eat when on Braces