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Align Dentistry offers premium Orthodontic Treatment for both children and adults.

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All our payments are spread out over a period of 18-24 months (interest free).

1-1 Orthodontics

First Visit

At your first visit, Dr Anand would:

  1. Asses the type of problem
  2. Provide you with all the treatment options. You could come in with your list of questions and he would be happy to answer them
  3. The practice manager would then explain the breakdown of the costs, an interest free payment plan is set in place which would be spread over the duration of the Orthodontic treatment, usually over a period of 18-24 months.

2 Orthodontics

Second Visit

After the initial consult we would call you back in for the records appointment, at this appointment we would take photos, scans of your teeth and X-rays. A comprehensive treatment plan is then developed and would be explained to you at your next appointment and if you are happy with it, a consent is obtained and treatment would be started soon.

3-1 Orthodontics

Third Visit

At this visit we would start your active treatment, which means the Braces would be put on.

If you are interested to get that perfect smile, either for yourself or your child please contact 02 9723 5757 for an initial consult.