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Scaling Polishing Fluoride Treatment

Scaling also called Oral Prophylaxis is performed by our experienced and professional dentists and Hygienists. After a complete examination is performed, Scaling is recommended depending on the amount of Tartar( Calculus) , Plaque and Stains.

Tartar( Calculus): They are plaque which are hardened and stuck firmly to the roots and tooth surface chemically. They can be very deep below the gum level and hard to visualise. They are mostly made of bacteria and minerals. They are stuck firmly to teeth surface they can only be removed by specialised dental instruments.  As they are made of different types of bacteria which have detrimental effect on the teeth.

Plaque: Plaque are made of bacteria, saliva and food debris. They are usually not visible in mouth. They can be present below the gum line like Calculus. They are a multiplying source of bacteria which produce toxins. This inflame the gums and usually is the starting point of major gum disease. Plaque accumulates very quickly and sometimes changes into calculus. They can be removed with good mechanical brushing. We use ultrasonic scaling tips and EMS air flow handy which are very effective in removing plaque and biofilm from teeth surface.

Stains: Stains can be extrinsic or intrinsic. Extrinsic stains can be caused by smoking, alcohol,food, stomach acids, drugs and many more. Extrinsic stains also are aesthetically unpleasant, make teeth look darker. They can be minimised with the use of polishing gels and paste. Intrinsic stains can be from the tooth which might has had trauma leading to death of the pulp. It can also be caused by use of medication during early years of the individual. Intrinsic stains are hard to remove . They usually need some form of bleaching procedure where mild acids are used to make the teeth lighter.

There are other indications like bleeding after brushing, bad breath, loose teeth which are an indication of the general gum health of the individual. Individual teeth need assessment depending on the severity of the gum problem. Increased sensitivity to brushing and cold food can also occur.

During cleaning appointment. Important oral Hygiene instructions are given to help you maintain good oral Hygiene. Dental practitioners will show you how to floss and brush. Reinforce the importance of good Oral Hygiene.

There are many advantages of getting a scaling like reduction in gum bleeding, bad breath, cavitation of teeth and overall improvement in smile and self-confidence.

Scaling can be done at any age,children  usually have there plaque removed and fluoride application every 6 months. This prevents cavitation in deciduous teeth. Helps maintain good function in primary teeth.

Fluoride also has shown to affect of mineral content of the teeth, making teeth stronger and resistance to cavitation and caries formation. Topical fluoride also reduces the sensitivity of teeth and forms a protection layer over the teeth.