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Posted on 26th, Jun 19

Not many people like going to the dentist. However, to maintain oral health it’s important to address a fear of dental treatment to ensure you aren’t at risk of any dental problems. Align Dentistry & Medical Centre provides a caring environment in South West Sydney to put your mind at ease and caters for your general dentistry requirements. Here are some ideas of what to do if you’re scared of dental treatment.

Familiar Environment

Visit a medical centre for all your medical needs. If you regularly visit a GP and there is a dentist in the same area this can put your mind at ease. The familiar environment can help you overcome this fear.

Discuss Concerns with Your GP

If your anxiety and fear is preventing you from receiving dental treatment visit your GP to discuss. You can choose a Female GP if it makes you feel more comfortable discussing your concerns. Your GP may refer you for professional help in severe cases.

Use Medications to help tackle the fear

You may be prescribed Valium to relax you the night before the dental visit. Once in the chair the dentist may find nitrous oxide is a good method to ease your mind. Sometimes medication is necessary so that you don’t avoid receiving crucial dental treatment.

Talk to Your Dentist

If you let the dentist know about your apprehensions they can prepare for your arrival. Making you feel as comfortable as possible will be their main priority to give you a positive dental experience. Talking to your dentist beforehand may develop a connection which enables you to trust them.

Don’t Go Alone

Take a family member or friend for moral support. They can hold your hand and help calm you down. They can help reason with you why it’s important to receive Dental Treatment and the consequences if you don’t. They can also provide a distraction and talk about anything but dentists.

Try Relaxation Techniques

Focussing on your breathing can relax your whole body and take away some of the fear. Relaxation techniques also help distract you from your fear.

If you’re scared of dental treatment address it through a number of avenues so that you can receive the dental work you require. You may feel more comfortable in a familiar environment with someone you trust. However, you may also need to see your GP and request medications for a more extreme fear. Open lines of communication with your dentist to make them aware of your fear and assist you in overcoming it. Experiment with relaxation techniques to help you work through it. Align Dentistry & Medical Centre can help relax you for your General Dentistry procedures.

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