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Posted on 25th, Jun 19

Anterior Open Bite, How do you detect it ? Side effects? Treatment

In continuation of my posts, am touching on a topic which is very close to me and have seen many children and adults affected by it and remains untreated due to lack of information.

What is an Open bite?

In my last few post I have explained the and ideal overbite as upper teeth overlapping the lower teeth in the vertically 2mm. So when we bite down, back teeth are in contact and the front upper teeth are over the lower teeth by 2 mm.

In open bites the back teeth contact but the front teeth have a gap.

How is an open bite caused ?

  • Genetics (inherited from the parents)
  • extended use of the dummy (dummy sucking)
  • Thumbsucking habit
  • Biting into inanimate objects such as bed spreads etc
    are some of the causes.

Problems associated with having an open bite ?

  • Difficulty to incise eg:can’t bite down into a sandwich, pizza slice etc
  • Speech difficulties, difficulty in pronunciation of consonants, most anterior open bite cases would have a Lisp.
  • Treatment

    Open bites in children can be closed orthodontically , but have to be maintained closed during the growth period to achieve long term stability. The sooner it is detected and treated the better the prognosis. Adults with severe open bites need more complicated treatment plans which may involve Surgery.

    Please feel free to contact us on (02) 9723 5757 if you or any of your family members have an open bite or any malocclusion you would want to discuss with us.

    Before Braes, Anterior Openbite

    Before Braes, Anterior Openbite

    Post braces, Open bite closed

    Post braces, Open bite closed

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