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Posted on 25th, Jun 19

Calm down! Frazzled with all the “Damon” talk? Let us explain what this new trend really is.

Damon Braces are a way of straightening teeth, fitted in the same way as traditional metal braces. The only difference is, in Damon Braces, a passive slide mechanism attaches wires to brackets and moves naturally with the teeth as they realign, instead of having brackets to tighten and adjust the braces regularly in the metal braces.

It uses biologically sensitive forces and far less friction as compared to conventional braces to guide your teeth into their improved positions. This is why Damon Braces are able to provide strong results in shorter time and yet look and feel better than metal braces.

Less time, better results!

You can have an improved smile in far less time using the Damon Braces system for full teeth straightening and with far fewer visits to the dentist as compared to conventional dental brace treatments.

Easier to clean and maintain

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are many other advantages of choosing Damon Braces, such as no need for tightening of wires, extractions of teeth or headgear. You can easily maintain good oral hygiene using Damon as lack of elastomeric rings makes your braces easier to clean. Since there are no elastic ties, no plaque is attracted on the braces. The Damon Braces are comfortable and suitable for patients of all ages.

You can opt for Damon Braces if you:

  1. Dislike the appearance of more than just a few teeth at the front of your mouth
  2. Want to straighten teeth quicker than conventional treatments
  3. Hate invasive treatments like crowns and veneers
  4. Had the Orthodontic Treatment in the past that is now relapsing

You may need to wear a removable Damon Splint at night when your Damon Clear treatment is finished to prevent your teeth from shifting back to their original position. Damon Braces are less likely to interfere with your speech because the need for a palatal expander is lower.

If you are in need of an Orthodontic Treatment, Align Dentistry & Medical Centre and Medical Centre recommends having Damon Clear Braces in Green Valleyfor your Dental health care plan. People around you may not even realise you are wearing braces with Damon Clear. Other invisible braces have visible metal parts or elastic ties that get yellow during treatment. However, Damon Braces are resistant to staining and any discolouration.

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