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Posted on 25th, Jun 19

Sugar sees your teeth quite differently to the way you see them. Sugar sees them as a meal prepared specially for it and to be consumed. Sugar is feasted on by bacteria which turn it into acid which eat into your teeth enamel and destroy it.

How does sugar affect something as strong as your teeth?

Well, it’s something like this. Your body is home to billions of bacterial strains that modern science is not even close to classifying yet.


Many of these bacterial strains are beneficial to your body and your oral cavity. However, some of these strains feast on ‘sugar’ and while doing so, turn it into acid which eats into your enamel.

Once your tooth enamel is weakened, a painful cavity appears and off you go to see your dentist.

The good news about this damage, is it is reversible

Acid weakens your tooth enamel due to a process called demineralisation. When demineralisation occurs, your teeth are basically ‘leeched’ and stripped of the minerals that give them their natural strength and resistance to acid and acid-based foods.

You can reverse this process the way you can reverse your car

The way to do so is with saliva. Saliva alkalises the acid produced by bacteria, rendering it ineffective on your teeth. Saliva also contains important minerals like calcium and phosphates. These remineralise your teeth and make them healthy and strong again!

The WHO (World Health Organisation), in a Technical Note it recently published on its website highlights the importance of a low sugar diet in managing your teeth and general health.

WHO points out that dental cavities are caused by dental caries, a disease that may cause difficulties in sleeping and eating. In its advanced stages, it may result in pain, chronic systemic infection and adverse growth and behavioural patterns.

Beautiful health is a set of beautiful, healthy, strong teeth. Whether you look at them through the lens of dentistry – or philosophy.

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Content author: Clixpert Digital Agency

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