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Posted on 26th, Jun 19

As with several other dental procedures, patients often are scared before they go for a root canal treatment. Don’t worry and don’t shy away as you are definitely not alone.

Before you go for your first root canal treatment, it is natural to feel a little apprehensive about the procedure. Your friends, your family members, and people added in your social media profiles who have gone through this treatment talk about this procedure with so much disgust that you end up delaying the procedure as long as you can. Bad choice, Romeo! Treatments like Root Canal are of extreme importance to your overall oral hygiene which is why it is important that you take on this treatment with courage and some essential information as soon as you can.

We at Align Dentistry & Medical Centre and Medical Centre at Chipping Norton believe in communicating directly with our patients. We have already touched upon how crucial it is to opt for an empathetic dentist before going for a regular dental checkup, root canal treatment, removal of wisdom teeth, or any other dental procedure. Once you have selected your perfect dentist (hint, like the awesome dentists at Align Dentistry & Medical Centre), it is time to learn some basic facts of a root canal procedure so you are ready to battle this!

Our super dentists at Align Dentistry & Medical Centre and Medical Centre (we often call them superheroes!) believe that knowledge eases the pain as patients know what to expect from this treatment instead of believing on the stories that float everywhere around you and are often exaggerated thanks to the hype that social media sites create. Once you know exactly what happens in a root canal treatment, you will realize that it is not as much of a fuss as it often seems to be.

No more self-praise as it’s time we share with you some details of what exactly happens in a root canal treatment to help you prepare yourself. While there are a number of different things that may occur depending on the case, here are some basic steps:

  • X-ray: When a dentist suspects that you may require a root canal, they will first take an X-ray to examine exactly where the decay is located.
  • Anesthesia: Yes! Root canal is not a very painful procedure as people make you believe as we administer anesthesia to the affected tooth to save you from any major pain.
  • Pulpectomy: An opening is created to remove the decayed tooth pulp. Ew!
  • Filling: And finally, your super dentist fills the roots that have been opened and then seals them off to avoid any damage. All clean!

Ta da! Wasn’t it easy now? Don’t delay your Root Canal Treatment as now you know exactly what to expect. It doesn’t have to be painful and it certainly doesn’t have to get worse to make the procedure longer. Pick up your phone, dial (02) 9723 5757 OR (02) 9086 9219 and make an appointment with an awesome dentist at Align Dentistry & Medical Centre and Medical Centre at Chipping Norton to achieve that perfect smile and an excellent oral hygiene.

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