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Posted on 25th, Jun 19

Having crooked and misaligned teeth are a real struggle, especially when you are an adult. In fact, the fastest growing area of the Orthodontist’s practice is in the adult market. Lingual Braces or Invisalign Orthodontic Therapy will certainly be appealing to some adults who are self-conscious about BRACES.

Which Is Right for You – Lingual Braces or Invisalign?

Lingual Braces and Invisalign treatments have many advantages. Lingual Braces are the same metallic wires and brackets but fixed on the back of the teeth making it invisible when you smile. Whereas, Invisalign is clear plastic aligner just as hard to notice due to its transparency. Either set of Braces can barely get noticed. Without the front-facing metal brackets and wires, the teeth are moved into correct position.

Which one is right for you, however, depends more on the personal choice of the patient.

Lingual Braces

Even though Lingual Braces are around since 1980s, still a lot of Dentists have yet to offer this technique as they require to master the special technique first. This type of treatment takes the longest time in most cases because the brackets are glued to the Lingual (tongue) side. The teeth tend to move a little more gradually.

The extraction of severely crowded and/or wisdom teeth is required along with the photographs, X-rays and moulds for the Lingual Braces treatment. As traditional Orthodontics, a wire and elastics will be used in the same way but hidden from view. The metal brackets are glued to inner surfaces of the patient’s teeth. Cleaning teeth during the undergoing treatment will be a longer and more complicated process when you choose Lingual Braces.

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign is being used by professional and expert dentists in more than 45 countries. First, the patient is asked to get diagnostic photographs of the teeth. Next, preliminary radiographs (X-rays) are taken. Lastly, the impressions (moulds) of the mouth are made. Crowded teeth or wisdom teeth are removed if necessary before treatment can begin.

The “General Dentist” makes a set of clear plastic aligners using the mould of the patient’s mouth. The patient is required to wear the aligner over a period of one to two years to straighten the teeth. The charges of Invisalign aligners is just the same as regular Metal Braces.

Aligner trays can be easily removed when brushing and flossing teeth so you can brush your teeth normally as opposed to the more elaborate methods associated with Metal and Lingual Braces. We provide Orthodontics Treatment for people who coming from Fairfield Area.

Content author: Clixpert Digital Agency

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