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Damon Braces

A Revolution for Orthodontic Braces

Damon Braces are an effective alternative to regular Braces. This innovative and revolutionary system goes beyond Braces and wires- it approaches the Braces in a whole new light.

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Why makes Damon Braces Is Making differents In Traditional Bracing Systems?

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Traditional treatment is commonly feared and notorious for its long-term treatment, considerable patient discomfort and extraction of 4 permanent teeth. It often takes out perfectly healthy teeth to create space, which is very painful, and eventually leaves a flat profile as teeth need to be taken back to close the space. It also results in a narrow arch and takes a long time. Damon smiles are characterised by full 10-tooth natural smile with the use of biologically-sensible light forces (reduced discomfort) and also improves the overall facial profile of each patient.

Braces are just the Beginning, it is the Damon System that creates a Radiant Smile

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Three key components are used by certified Damon System doctors, and when they are all applied, significantly enhances the patient experience and decreases treatment time. Fewer appointments are required, more comfort is provided, faster and high-quality results give it an unbeatable edge against all other treatments.

  1. Kiss the dreaded metal or elastic “ties” goodbye, as the Damon self-ligating passive Braces does not use it. Tie-less Braces provide a painless experience because tightening is no longer required.
  2. High-tech memory wires apply light and consistent forces over a period of time.
  3. A new treatment that is clinically proven to line your teeth better aesthetically, and it improves your facial profile as well.

Traditional Braces as shown are bound in elastics that cause pressure and friction and slow down the teeth-correcting process. The Damon System uses Braces in a slide mechanism that holds the wire and allows the teeth free movement easily and comfortably.

Damon Braces are low profile and are discreet and very easy to maintain. Damon Braces Cost are affordable at Align Dentistry. The absence of the elastic or metal ties eliminates the problem of it collecting plaque and bacteria. The Damon System allows its patients to maintain good Dental hygiene during treatment. For people who don’t want to have the “metallic look” Clear Braces are available. Damon Clear is one of the best Clear Braces in the market and does not discolour to any foods or liquids.

Try the Amazing Damon Braces Now and See the Big Difference

damon_braces_02 Damon BracesJoin in the 2 million happy and satisfied patients that have already tried the Damon System and at first, could not believe that such an easy and painless treatment is available.

The Damon Braces is the perfect evolution because it eliminates the most troublesome effects of traditional Braces. Come out from this system with a beautiful smile made even better with your improved facial profile.” If you are looking for a Dentist near you for Damon Braces visit Align Denttistry in Chiping Norton.